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Version: 257475 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


anydecompress - use any CompLearn module data compressor to decompress a file


anydecompress [-L] [ infile ] [ outfile ]


anydecompress is a simple and powerful generic decompression tool. By default, it reads an input file from standard input. If a command argument is given it will use that as input instead. It produces an output file (or writes to stdout if reading from stdin) by scanning through all available CompLearn compression modules to try to find an accepting decompressor. If it finds one, it uses it to decompress the input file. If it fails to find an acceptable decompressor available it prints an error and returns an exit code. The user may optionally specify an output filename instead.


-L, --list
list available builtin compressors as well as available compression modules. Modules are loaded from the modules subdirectory of /usr/lib/complearn. -h, --help show help options and exit



 per-user and system configuration files
see complearn(5) for further details.

 standard module automatic loading area.  Any shared object compressor
modules found here will be loaded on startup.



 If this environment variable is set, CompLearn will search the given directory and load any CompLearn compression modules it finds there (such as the example included with the CompLearn source distribution) none




anycompress(1), complearn(5), complearn-config(1), maketree(1), ncd(1)
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