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Langue: en

Version: 2006-06-01 (fedora - 04/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


approve_friends - Approve new friends and post a comment to them


Version 0.09


approve_friends [-m message] [-y] [-u username -p password] [-nc]
    [-f filename] [-c cache_file] [-gc message ]

approve_friends [-f filename.yaml]

The first form of the command specifies arguments on the command line. If the -f flag is used, the username, password, and message will be read from the file. The username on the first line, password on the second, and message on the remaining lines.

  -nc: no comment. Just approve friend requests, don't leave comments.
  -c cache_file: Use "cache_file" as the file to store info about who
         we've commented.
  -gc message: If we approve less than 50 friends, post "message" as a
         comment to any friends we have that don't already have a comment on
         their page. See the example below for how this is useful.

The second form of the command takes a YAML configuration file. Any other command-line arguments will be ignored.

Note that the ability to specify the cache file lets you set a different file if you have multiple accounts. If you use the same cache_file as you do for the ``comment'' script (and you should), both scripts will avoid posting to users you've already commented with either script. This allows you to run them concurrently.


  # Approve and leave a comment for new friends. Since we can comment 50
  # people a day, if we've approved/commented less than 50, go through the
  # rest of our friends list and leave a comment for as many as we can.
  # This will leave "Thanks for adding me!" as a comment for new friends,
  # and "Just stopping by to say hello!" as a comment for existing friends.
  # Remember, will automatically skip profiles you've already
  # commented or are on the top 8 of.
  # Stops at 50 total posts.
  approve_friends -m "Thanks for adding me\!" \
      -gc "Just stopping by to say hello\!"
  Sample YAML config file:
  password: ILikePasswords
  message: |
    This is a message.
    It is a few lines long
    - Me
  silent: 1  # Or 0 (default)
  no_comment: 1  # Or 0 (default)
  cache_file: /home/joe/approve_cache
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