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Version: 265445 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


asmounter - AfterStep All-Purpose Mounter


        [-h | -help]
        [-v | -version]
        [-D | -debug]
        [-d display | -display display]
        [-g +XPOS+YPOS | -geometry +XPOS+YPOS]
        [-c | -cycle]
        [-C | -create]
        [-s | -shaped]
        [-w | -withdrawn]


Asmounter monitors different mount points and facilitates the mounting and unmounting of these mount points. It is a X11 application that is designed to work with the AfterStep window manager. The code is loosely based on wmmount and asmodem and others. I primarily wrote this program to gain a rudimentary understanding of X programming so that I may go on to write better apps for AfterStep (hopefully).

The left mouse button is used to cycle through the mount points, which are established in the resource file (either ~/.asmounter or /etc/asmounter.conf). The right mouse button is used to toggle the mount point (mount/unmount). The middle mouse button is used to execute a command related to the mount points (in future versions this will be mount point specific).


-h | -help
Prints a help message
-v | -version
Prints the version of the program
-s | -shaped
Starts asmounter with a shaped window. Useful if you would like to place asmounter in your Wharf.
-w | -withdrawn
Starts asmounter as a withdrawn window. Useful if you would like to place asmounter in the Dock of WindowMaker.
-D | -debug
Starts asmounter in debug mode. This is useful for if (when?) you find a bug/error and you want to inform me of it ... simply show me this output with a description of the problem.
-d <name> | -display <name>
The name of the display to start the window in. This works just as does the X Windows display option.
-g +XPOS+YPOS | -geometry +XPOS+YPOS
This enables the user to specify the position on the screen that asmounter will appear when started.
-C | -create
This aids the use in creating a resource file to be used by asmounter. Use this option if you dislike fiddling with config files. Note: this may one day be implemented as a GTK GUI if there's enough interest.
-c | -cycle
If specified, the mountpoints will be cycled through when asmounter has been idle for a while. I can't really justify its usefulness, but, I like it.


Here are examples of how to start asmounter from the command line.
 asmounter -s &
 asmounter -display :0.0 &
 asmounter -c &

Here is an example of how to start asmounter from within AfterStep. It uses the shaped extension. Place the following line in your .wharf file in your ~/GNUstep/Library/Afterstep directory.

 *Wharf - - Swallow "asmounter" asmounter -s &
Copyright (c) 1999 by David Taylor. No guarantees. No warrantees.


Program: David Taylor

Pixmaps: Chris Lee

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