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Version: Mar 07 2005 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


bogosec_wrapper - Wrapper script for BogoSec source-code security quality metric tool




bogosec_wrapper automates the process by running bogosec on a directory containing different file formats supported by bogosec and collecting the results in : /tmp/bogosec.results and /tmp/bogosec.detail_results. These files are overwritten by each invocation.
bogosec_wrapper accepts options to be passed on to bogosec, options are passed after the target directory and must be included in "". (example: bogosec_wrapper /Some_Directory "--nhf --timeout 60" ).


The following is a brief explanation of the options; for additional information, please refer to bogosec man page.
Turn on scanner output logging.
--log-dir directory
Specify a directory for scanner output logs.
--min-sev minimum_severity_level
Specify a minimum severity level. Default is 0.
--nhf, --no-header-files
Do not scan header files.
-p, --plugin plugin_name [args]
Specify a plugin to use.
--plugin-dir directory
Specify the directory where the plugins are stored. Default is /usr/local/bogosec/plugins.
--sev-range-max number
Specify the maximum severity value to be used in calculating the severity value range. The default is 10.
--timeout number
Specify the cpu time limit in seconds.
--temp-log-dir directory
Specify a directory where you want the temporary files used by BogoSec to be stored. The default is /tmp/.
-v, --verbosity 0|1
Specify verbosity level. The default is 0.
--xp, --exclude-plugin plugin_name
Do not run plugin defined by plugin_name.




Developed by Dustin Kirkland, Agoston Petz, and Loulwa Salem at the IBM Linux Technology Center.
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