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Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


bulmafact.conf - config file for bulmafact bulmafact.conf - configuration File for bulmafact. BulmaGés suports severals mecanisms for supplying configuration: command line options, global configuration and user configuration. The bulmages.conf file has the configuration of all the aplications of the bulmages proyect. bulmafact.conf file has the configuration of bulmafact and will overrride the configuration of bulmages.conf. If found at user space, the bulmages.conf or the bulmacont.conf will override all other config files. If there is not user config file at ~/bulmages.conf it will be used the /etc/bulmages/bulmages.conf. The available command line options and enviroment variables are descrived in bulmacont, bulmafact and bulmages man pages. Most configuration file parameters, with their defaults, are descrived below.


BulmaFact program uses a configuration file called bulmafact.conf for its initial setup. This configuration file is searched for the following places: /etc/bulmages/bulmafact.conf and ~/bulmafact.conf.


The valid configuration options are:
The BulmaFact applications have several plugins witch can be added or removeb by simply adding it or removing it at the bulmafact.conf. Bulmafact plugins: comercialbf It allows to input comercial data associated to the clients in the client register with specific cells. The data are the visits, the name of comercial associated to the client and the results of the visit. etiquetado It allows to get one codebar for the articles to put labels to the products. informeclientessxcIt allows to get reports of sales of clients and purchases to suppliers in format sxc. plugin Example of plugins. It does not has utility if you don't need to talk about plugins. pluginalmacen It improves the management of the store extending the data. puginasterisk It allows to the invoicing management using asterisk callcenter. It allows to file in the system through the callcenter of asterisk. pluginbarcodeopen It allows to open any document using the identification of the barcode. It's just needed to select the fast opening then, to pas the document by the reader and then, the related document will be opened. plugincatalogo It allows the product catalogue impression. plugincontratos It allows the clients contract control and it allows to generate the invoicing associated to these contracts. plugincuadrante It allows the elaboration of quadrants of the workers assigning to them timetables in the different stores. pluginimpresionesmultiples Plugin of Multiple impressions. It adds one checkbox in each one of the members of the listing of budgets, orders, letters patents and invoices that allow to select them and to erase them together. Also It adds three buttons of menu in each one of these listings with the following functionalities: 1. - To invert the selection: It invests the state of checkbox added. 2. - To print multiple elements: Print the directly selected elements. 3. - Multiple send of emails: It prepares one email to send the selected documents like attachments. plugininformeclientes It allows to the impression of the report of purchases and sales by clients. plugininventario It allows the control of inventories. pluginmail It adds one button in the program to allows the shipment by emai of the document generated with BulmaGés. pluginpromedios It adds one new tab at the article cards. This new tab has the averages of the information from the purchases and sales. pluginq19 It adds the format of banking transactions to make claims of money receptions. plugintarifas It allows the control of lists of prices for clients. The clients are subscribed to specific lists to be able to give different prices for different clients. pluginticket It allows the impression of tickets. plugintipostrabajo It allows to specify the type of task developed by the workers in the company. plugintrazabilidad It allows the control of traceability by lots. It adds a table of material movements and a field "lot". That field allows to identify products from its purchase to its sale. pluginsyncbulmacont It allows one synchronization betwen BulmaFact and Bulmacont. This synchronization forces to add one book entry in the accounting everytime one invoice, client, bank, or payment its added.


bulmages was written by the IGLUES team <>


Report bugs to <> Copyright (C) 2005 Free Software Foundation, Inc. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO war- ranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


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bulmasetup(1) bulmages(1) bulmacont(1) bulmafact(1) bulmatpv(1) bulmacont.conf(1) bulmages.conf(1) bulmatpv.conf(1)
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