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Version: 261896 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


dpbindic - Convert a binary-form dictionary into a text-form dictionary


dpbindic [ -xiu [ frequency ] ] binary-file [ text-file ]


dpbindic outputs the file information of the binary-form dictionary file specified in binary-file. At this time, the word information of the dictionary can be output in text form to the standard output. To do so, use test-file to specify the text-form dictionary used as the source of binary-form dictionary file. If this specification is omitted, the text dictionary file information in the binary dictionary file will be output. The standard grammar file name is /usr/local/canna/lib/dic/hyoujun.gram. It will be used if the grammar file name specification is omitted. The output format of word information data is specified using an option.


Outputs the data without using omission symbol @, which is used when the initial word represents the reading.
Replaces the reading and word for output.
Outputs the candidates used in conversion. Outputs all candidates having frequency or more. If frequency is omitted, all candidates having frequency 1 will be output.


(1) If the text-form dictionary file name is omitted:

 %dibindic iroha.cbd
 (Text dictionary file name = Directory size + Word size, packed)
 iroha.swd = 2985 + 5306 pak a4
 iroha.mwd = 36276 + 113139 pak a4
 (2) If the text-form dictionary file name iroha.mwd is specified:
 %dpbindic iroha.cbd iroha.mwd
 (Text dictionary file name = Directory size + Word size, packed)
 iroha.mwd = 36276 + 113139 pak a4


mkbindic(1), dicar(1)
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