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Version: April 2005 (fedora - 04/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


elsa - computes per-groups of processes accounting information.


elsa [ACTIONS] [OPTIONS] [-h]


elsa reads two different kind of files. The first one is an accounting file. It must contain per process accounting data obtained with the BSD process accounting version 3. The second one is a job file that must contain information about groups of processes provided by the job daemon.

Depending of chosen ACTIONS you can simply dump the contents of a given file on the standard output and/or you can compute per-groups of processes accounting information. Currently, informations display are the number of processes in a job, the elapsed, user and system time, the minor and major page faults and also the number of pages swapped.


Dump information about process accounting or groups of processes.
Generate accounting data about per-groups of processes.


Set the accounting file (must be BSD accounting v3).
Set the job file provided by the job daemon.


 # elsa -x -a acct_file -j job_file
 Results for job ID 1
      Nbr of processes : 50157
      Elapsed Time     : 2234007.0 nsec
      User Time        : 149426.0 nsec
      System Time      : 7956.0 nsec
      Minor Pagefaults : 25033427 page(s)
      Major Pagefaults : 24 page(s)
      Swaps            : 0 page(s)
 Results for job ID 2
      Nbr of processes : 1157
      Elapsed Time     : 23410.0 nsec
      User Time        : 4926.0 nsec
      System Time      : 765.0 nsec
      Minor Pagefaults : 31437 page(s)
      Major Pagefaults : 13 page(s)
      Swaps            : 0 page(s)




Originally written by Guillaume Thouvenin

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