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Version: 111125 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


ermixer - a full featured OSS mixer


ermixer [<channel> [leftValue:rightValue]] [-a] [-s <profilename>] [-c <profilename>] [-d <profilename>] [<+,->rec <device>] [-h]


This is a OSS mixer with a lot of usefull features like the gestion of multiple profiles files, it offers a complete interface to the mixer capatibilities. Ermixer comes along a Qt and a ncurses GUI, and can also be used with the command line interface. If you need the curses interface and you are using X, delete the enviroment variabile DISPLAY, by typing in the shell "export -n DISPLAY" and then running ermixer.


channel <leftvalue:rightvalue>
       set the channel's value

       read the channel's value

       list all channel

-s <profilename>
       save current settings as profilename

-c <profilename>
       restore previous saved settings in profilename

-d <profilename>
       delete the profile named profilename

<+,->rec <device>
       set or unset a new recordable device

       show the help


Right arrow : Increase volume
Left arrow : Decrease volume
Upper arrow : Scroll to previous channel
Down arrow : Scroll to next channel
Key M : Mute/Reactive Channel
Key R : Set a device as the current recording device
Key S : Open the save profiles dialog
Key L : Open the load profiles dialog
Key E : Open the erase profiles dialog
Key A : Set the balancement an unit to left
Key D : Set the balancement an unit to right
Key Q : Quit
Key H : Show the help


This is the manual page of ermixer 0.7


Please post bugs report to the forum on


Gabriele Piga <> and Michele Balistreri <>
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