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Version: May 1999 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


fc - frontend script to the f2c fortran compiler


/usr/bin/fc [-o objfile] [-c] [-S] [-C] [-u] [-w] [-w66] [-D switch] [-I includepath] [-Ntnnn] [-P] files [-l library]


fc is a script intended to be used as a front end to the f2c FORTRAN-to-C translator. It is supposed to make the whole f2c and C compiler setup look like a real Fortran compiler.

File arguments with a .f suffix are compiled as Fortran source. Files with a .F suffix are passed through the C preprocessor cpp(1) first. Files with .c (C source) or .s (assembly source) suffixes are passed to the C compiler directly. Files with a .e suffix are treated as efl source files, and files with a .r suffix are treated as RATFOR source files.


-o objfile
Produce an output executable named objfile rather than using the default name a.out.
Do not call the linker; instead, leave relocatable object files as *.o.
Produce assembly output as file.s
Compile in extra code to check that array subscripts are in bounds.
-l library
Libraries specified with this option are passed to the linker.
-U def
Definitions specified with this option are passed to C compiler (for .c files) or to cpp (for .F files) to remove definition.
Complain about undeclared variables.
-v, --version
Print version of f2c in use
Omit all warning messages.
Omit Fortran 66 (Fortran IV) compatibility warning messages.
-D switch
The given switch is passed to the C compiler (for .c files), to cpp (for .F files) and to f2c.
-I includepath
Passed to the C compiler (for .c files), to cpp (for .F files) and to f2c.
Allow nnn entries in table t.
Emit .P files.


fc isn't really very good -- try fort77 (1), which does a better job.
This manual page isn't really very good either...


S. Feldman, D. Gay, M. Maimone, N, Schryer are all mentioned in the paper on the conversion of Fortran to C.
Peter Maydell ( wrote this manual page, and Alan Bain ( made some minor modifications.


f2c(1), fort77(1), cc(1), cpp(1), ratfor(1)
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