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Version: April 2009 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


feeds2epub - part of calibre


feeds2epub [options] ARG


feeds2epub parses an online source of articles, like an RSS or ATOM feed and fetches the article contents organized in a nice hierarchy.

ARG can be one of:

file name - feeds2epub will try to load a recipe from the file

builtin recipe title - feeds2epub will load the builtin recipe and use it to fetch the feed. For e.g. Newsweek or "The BBC" or "The New York Times"

recipe as a string - feeds2epub will load the recipe directly from the string arg.

Available builtin recipes are: 'The Age', 'Al Jazeera in English', '', 'The American Spectator', u'Ars Technica', u'Associated Press', 'The Atlantic', u'The Australian', 'B92', u'The BBC', "Barron's", u'Blic', 'Borba Online', 'Business Week', 'CNN', 'Chicago Breaking News', 'Chicago Tribune', 'Christian Science Monitor', u'Cincinnati Enquirer', 'Clarin', u'Common Dreams', 'Courrier International', 'Critica de la Argentina', u'Cyberpresse', 'DNA India', u'Daily Telegraph', u'Danas', u'De Morgen', u'De Standaard', 'Diario Granma', 'Die Zeit Nachrichten', u'Discover Magazine', 'E-Novine', u'EL PAIS', 'ESPN', 'The Economist', 'El Cronista', 'El Mercurio online', 'El Mundo', 'El Universal', '', u'Engadget', 'Exiled Online', 'FAZ NET', 'FTD', u'Financial Times', u'Forbes', 'Freakonomics Blog', u'Fudzilla', u'Glasgow Herald', 'Globe and Mail', 'Google Reader', u'The Guardian', u"Harper's Magazine", u"Harper's Magazine - articles from printed edition", u'The Hindu', 'Honolulu Advertiser', 'Honolulu Star-Bulletin', u'Indianapolis Star', '', u'The International Herald Tribune', u'The Irish Times', u'The Japan Times', 'Jerusalem Post', 'Joel on Software', 'Jornal Brasileiro Online', u'Jutarnji', 'Juventud Rebelde', 'Juventud Rebelde in english', 'La Cuarta', 'La Mujer de mi Vida', 'La Nacion', 'La Nacion Chile', 'La Prensa', 'La Segunda', 'La Tercera', '', u'Liberation', u'Linux Magazine', u'Linuxdevices', u'London Review of Books', u'The Los Angeles Times', 'The Market Ticker', u'The Moscow Times', 'NASA', 'NIN online', 'NSPM in English', u'The Nation', u'New Scientist - Online News', u'New York Review of Books', 'The New York Times', 'The New York Times (subscription)', u'The New Yorker', 'Newstimes', 'Newsweek', u'Nova srpska politicka misao', 'O Estado de S. Paulo', 'O Globo', 'The Onion', 'Outlook India', 'Pagina/12', 'Pescanik', u'Physicstoday', u'Physicsworld', 'Pobjeda Online', u'Politika Online', 'Portfolio', 'Press Online', 'Reuters', u'San Francisco Chronicle', u'Science AAAS', u'ScienceDaily', u'ScienceNews', u'Scientific American', u'The Scotsman', u'Shacknews', 'Soldiers', 'Spiegel Online', u'Spiegel Online International', u'The St. Petersburg Times', u'Sueddeutsche', u'Supersite for Windows', 'Sydney Morning Herald', u'', 'Telepolis', 'Teleread Blog', u'Time', u'The Times Online', "Tom's Hardware German", "Tom's Hardware US", 'USA Today', 'United Press International', u'Utne reader', u'Vecernje Novosti', 'Vijesti', 'Vreme', 'The Wall Street Journal', 'Washington Post', '', 'heise', u'la Repubblica', u'securitywatch', 'xkcd', 'zdnet'

Whenever you pass arguments to feeds2epub that have spaces in them, enclose the arguments in quotation marks.


show program's version number and exit
-h, --help
show this help message and exit
Specify a list of feeds to download. For example: "['', '']" If you specify this option, any argument to %prog is ignored and a default recipe is used to download the feeds.
-u USERNAME, --username=USERNAME
Username for sites that require a login to access content.
-p PASSWORD, --password=PASSWORD
Password for sites that require a login to access content.
Optimize fetching for subsequent conversion to MOBI.
Number of levels of links to follow on webpages that are linked to from feeds. Defaul 0
Don't show the progress bar
Very verbose output, useful for debugging.
Useful for recipe development. Forces max_articles_per_feed to 2 and downloads at most 2 feeds.
Character encoding for HTML files. Default is to auto detect.
-o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT
The output EPUB file. If not specified, it is derived from the input file name.
Profile of the target device this EPUB is meant for. Set to None to create a device independent EPUB. The profile is used for device specific restrictions on the EPUB. Choices are: ['PRS505', 'None']
Either the path to a CSS stylesheet or raw CSS. This CSS will override any existing CSS declarations in the source files.


Control page layout
Set the top margin in pts. Default is 5.0
Set the bottom margin in pts. Default is 5.0
Set the left margin in pts. Default is 5.0
Set the right margin in pts. Default is 5.0
The base font size in pts. Default is 12.0pt. Set to 0 to disable rescaling of fonts.
Remove spacing between paragraphs. Also sets a indent on paragraphs of 1.5em. You can override this by adding p {text-indent: 0cm} to --override-css. Spacing removal will not work if the source file forces interparagraph spacing.
Do not force text to be justified in output.
Remove table markup, converting it into paragraphs. This is useful if your source file uses a table to manage layout.
Preserve the HTML tag structure while splitting large HTML files. This is only neccessary if the HTML files contain CSS that uses sibling selectors. Enabling this greatly slows down processing of large HTML files.


Control the following of links in HTML files.
Traverse links in HTML files breadth first. Normally, they are traversed depth first
Maximum levels of recursion when following links in HTML files. Must be non-negative. 0 implies that no links in the root HTML file are followed.
Customize the download engine
Timeout in seconds to wait for a response from the server. Default: 10.0 s
Minimum interval in seconds between consecutive fetches. Default is 0 s
Only links that match this regular expression will be followed. This option can be specified multiple times, in which case as long as a link matches any one regexp, it will be followed. By default all links are followed.
Any link that matches this regular expression will be ignored. This option can be specified multiple times, in which case as long as any regexp matches a link, it will be ignored.By default, no links are ignored. If both --filter-regexp and --match-regexp are specified, then --filter-regexp is applied first.
Do not download CSS stylesheets.


Control auto-detection of document structure.
An XPath expression to detect chapter titles. The default is to consider <h1> or <h2> tags that contain the words "chapter","book","section" or "part" as chapter titles as well as any tags that have class="chapter". The expression used must evaluate to a list of elements. To disable chapter detection, use the expression "/". See the XPath Tutorial in the calibre User Manual for further help on using this feature.
Path to the cover to be used for this book
Use the cover detected from the source file in preference to the specified cover.
Remove the first image from the input ebook. Useful if the first image in the source file is a cover and you are specifying an external cover.
Turn off splitting at page breaks. Normally, input files are automatically split at every page break into two files. This gives an output ebook that can be parsed faster and with less resources. However, splitting is slow and if your source file contains a very large number of page breaks, you should turn off splitting on page breaks.
XPath expression to detect page boundaries for building a custom pagination map, as used by AdobeDE. Default is not to build an explicit pagination map.
XPath expression to find the name of each page in the pagination map relative to its boundary element. Default is to number all pages staring with 1.


Options useful for debugging
-v, --verbose
Be more verbose while processing. Can be specified multiple times to increase verbosity.
Output HTML is "pretty printed" for easier parsing by humans
Print generated OPF file to stdout
Print generated NCX file to stdout
Keep intermediate files during processing by html2epub
Extract the contents of the produced EPUB file to the specified directory.


Control the automatic generation of a Table of Contents. If an OPF file is detected and it specifies a Table of Contents, then that will be used rather than trying to auto-generate a Table of Contents.
Maximum number of links to insert into the TOC. Set to 0 to disable. Default is: 50. Links are only added to the TOC if less than the --toc-threshold number of chapters were detected.
Don't add auto-detected chapters to the Table of Contents.
If fewer than this number of chapters is detected, then links are added to the Table of Contents. Default: 6
XPath expression that specifies all tags that should be added to the Table of Contents at level one. If this is specified, it takes precedence over other forms of auto-detection.
XPath expression that specifies all tags that should be added to the Table of Contents at level two. Each entry is added under the previous level one entry.
XPath expression that specifies all tags that should be added to the Table of Contents at level three. Each entry is added under the previous level two entry.
Path to a .ncx file that contains the table of contents to use for this ebook. The NCX file should contain links relative to the directory it is placed in. See 5.html#NCX for an overview of the NCX format.
Normally, if the source file already has a Table of Contents, it is used in preference to the autodetected one. With this option, the autodetected one is always used.


Set metadata of the generated ebook
-t TITLE, --title=TITLE
Set the title. Default is to autodetect.
-a AUTHORS, --authors=AUTHORS
The author(s) of the ebook, as a & separated list.
The subject(s) of this book, as a comma separated list.
Set the publisher of this book.
A summary of this book.
Load metadata from the specified OPF file

Created by Kovid Goyal <>

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