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Version: November 2009 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


frepple - a lightweight tool for production planning


frepple [options] <files>
frepple [options] <directories>
frepple [options]


FrePPLe is a lightweight open source framework that easily and quickly solves production planning problems. The primary focus is on the discrete manufacturing industry. This program reads XML input data, and executes the modeling and Python commands included in them. The xml input can be provided in the following ways:
  - Passing one or more XML files
  - Passing one or more directories as arguments.
    The program will process all files with the extension '.xml' found
    in the directories in alphabetical order.
  - When passing no file or directory arguments, input will be read
    from the standard input. XML data can be redirected or piped to the


-validate -v
Validate the xml input for correctness.
-check -c
Only validate the input, without executing the content.
-? -h -help
Show instructions.


Optionally points to a directory where the initialization files will be searched.


./init.xml $FREPPLE_HOME/init.xml /usr/share/frepple/init.xml
XML data automatically loaded upon startup. The first file with the name init.xml in the above sequence is processed.
./frepple.xsd $FREPPLE_HOME/frepple.xsd /usr/share/frepple/frepple.xsd
XML Schema definition for validation of the XML input data. The first file with the name frepple.xsd in the above sequence is processed.
./ $FREPPLE_HOME/ /usr/share/frepple/
Python commands executed automatically upon startup. The first file with the name in the above sequence is processed.


0 when succesfull, non-zero in case of errors


FrePPLe is developed as Open Source under the LGPL license. The authors and contributors are listed on
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