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Version: 2010-09-03 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


git-pbuilder - Wrapper around pbuilder for git-buildpackage


DIST=distribution ARCH=architecture git-pbuilder debbuild-options

DIST=distribution ARCH=architecture \
    git-pbuilder (update | create | login) cowbuilder-options


git-pbuilder is a wrapper around pdebuild intended for use by git-buildpackage. It configures pdebuild to use cowbuilder, passes appropriate options to debbuild, and sets the base path for cowbuilder based on the environment variable DIST and, if set, the environment variable ARCH.

By default, git-pbuilder assumes the target distribution is "sid", the same architecture as the cowbuilder default, and uses /var/cache/pbuilder/base-sid.cow if it exists. If it doesn't, /var/cache/pbuilder/base.cow is tried. If DIST is set, its value is the target distribution and /var/cache/pbuilder/base-dist.cow is used instead. If DIST is "etch" or "ebo", --debian-etch-workaround is also passed to cowbuilder. If ARCH is set, its value is the target architecture and /var/cache/pbuilder/base-dist-arch.cow is used, with dist being set to "sid" if DIST was not set.

If git-pbuilder is invoked via a name that starts with "git-pbuilder-", the part after the last hyphen is taken to be the distribution (although the environment variable overrides this). One can therefore create symlinks like "git-pbuilder-lenny" pointing to git-pbuilder and use that name when wanting to use a distribution of "lenny".

Any arguments are passed as-is to dpkg-buildpackage via the --debbuildopts option to pdebuild.

Normally, one does not run this script directly. Instead, it's used as the builder script for git-buildpackage. To configure git-buildpackage to use it, add a stanza like:

     builder = /path/to/git-pbuilder

in your gbp.conf file (which can be .gbp.conf in your home directory or at the top level of the repository, or gbp.conf in the .git directory). DIST is read as an environment variable so that you can set it before running git-buildpackage without having to worry about passing parameters through git-buildpackage.

Alternately, git-pbuilder may be called with an argument of "update", "create", or "login". In this case, it calls cowbuilder using sudo and passes the corresponding command to cowbuilder, using the same logic as above to determine the base directory and distribution. Any additional arguments to git-pbuilder are passed along to cowbuilder.


Sets the target distribution. This is used primarily to determine the base path for cowbuilder, but it's also used to determine whether to pass --debian-etch-workaround to cowbuilder.


The default "cowbuilder --basepath" directories, searched for in that order, if DIST is not set.
The "cowbuilder --basepath" directory used if DIST is set.


cowbuilder(8), dpkg-buildpackage(1), git-buildpackage(1), pdebuild(1), sudo(8)

The latest version of this script is available from <>.


Russ Allbery <>
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