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Langue: en

Version: \*(Dt (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


GNUMP3d - GNU MP3 / OGG Vorbis Streaming Server


gnump3d [options] gnump3d is a simple server allows you to stream MP3/OGG/Movie files across a network.

It is designed to be simple, reliable, and extensible - with the addition of plugins.

It's user interface may also be changed with the addition of themes.


The following options are supported:

--background Run in the background after starting the server.

--debug Run in the foreground, outputting any diagnostics to the console.

--fast Fast startup, don't index the music archive to build a song tag database.

--quiet Don't display the startup banner when the program starts.

--version Show the version number of the gnump3d software, then exit.

--help Display brief usage instructions, then exit.

--lang xx Set the language the server should show it's output in. ("en" by default).

--plugin-dir directory Specify which directory the plugins should be read from.

--theme-dir directory Specify which directory the theme files should be read from.

--dump-plugins Display all the plugins that the server has found, their versions authors, and descriptions.

--port port Set which port the program should listen upon.

--root directory Specify the root of your music archive, which is presented to clients.

AUTHOR Steve Kemp <>


gnump3d.conf(1), gnump3d-top(1)
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