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Version: March 12, 2002 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


hanzim - Hanzi Master


hanzim [options]...


hanzim is a combination Chinese character learning aid and interactive dictionary.

This manual page briefly documents the hanzim command. Expanded documentation may be found in /usr/share/doc/hanzim/hanzim.doc.gz.


A summary of options is included below. For a complete description, see the 'hanzim.doc' file referred to above.
Set up the display for a small (640x480) screen.
Set up the display for a medium (800x600) screen.
Set up the display for a large (1024x768 and above) screen. This is the default.
Use Simplified Chinese characters at startup. This is the default.
Use Traditional Chinese characters at startup.
Force use of Pinyin pronunciation display even when using Traditional Chinese characters. Default is to use Zhuyin Fuhao (Bopomofo) for Traditional, Pinyin for Simplified.
Force use of Zhuyin Fuhao (Bopomofo) pronunciation display even when using Simplified Chinese characters. Default is to use Pinyin for Simplified, Zhuyin Fuhao (Bopomofo) for Traditional.
Deactivate display of pinyin in the lower text panels, and make the overall application window smaller. ('Ctrl-p' or 'Alt-p' will toggle this when running.)
-db dir
Specifies the location of data files. Default for Debian is environment variable HANZIM_LIB, which in turn overrides the compiled-in default.
A special option to rebuild the binary compounds database. This is run on install and should be re-run whenever the 'cidian' file is replaced (see hanzim.doc). Currently it does not work in conjunction with the '-db' option; if you need to rebuild a database in a different directory, just remove the file 'hcompound.dat' there and then run the program with the '-db' option only and NOT '-buildDB'.
Print various diagnostic and descriptive information on startup.
Don't print any startup information.
Operate in interactive (tclsh prompt) mode; implies -verbose.
Print out a summary of the command-line options.


Requires the files "hanwin.tcl", "hanzim.fonts", "", "zidianfl.b5", "", "", "" to be installed in an accessible directory specified by the -db command line option, the HANZIM_LIB environment variable, or a compiled-in default, in that order of preference.




This manual page was written by Roger So <>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system and subsequently modified by Adrian Robert <> (the original author) for more general distribution with hanzim.
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