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Version: 148460 (fedora - 04/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)



hfsp hfsplus - Collection of tools to acces HFS+ volumes.


The hfsplus collection cotains tools to read and display the files found on an HFS+ formatted volume. HFS+ is the volume format intodruced by Apple Computer inc. around MacOS 8. The HFS+ format uses a better approach to acces large volumes and allows files with a size up to 2[circ ]64 bytes. In Addition filenames are saved as two-byte unicode with a length upto 255 (unicode) characters.

In contrast to its sucessor, the hfs-tools hfsplus does not use the volume/directory/file/ syntax using ':' as delimiter but uses the standard unix '/', '..' and '.' notation. Since this concept is not fully supported my HFS+ not all combinations will be understood.


This example mounts my main HFS+ volume, shows some files and copies one to the linux side:

 > hpmount /dev/hda13
 > hpls
 Apple Extras     Desktop Folder   MP3              Systemordner
 Benutzer         Develop          Programme        Temporary Items
 Bibel            Dokumente        Spiele           VM Storage
 > hpcd Develop
 > hpcd Test
 > hppwd
 hpcopy -t Test.cp .
 > hpumount


$HOME/.hfsplusvolume This file is created by hpmount and removed by hpunmount. It contains the volume name and the current directory id.


There are some bugs related to uniocde handling and the large file sizes not supported by some older formats (binhex, macbinary). See the developer documenatation for details


hpmount(1), hpumount(1), hpls(1), hpcd(1), hppwd(1), hpcopy(1), hfsutils(1),


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