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Version: 2 MAY 1994 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


ipxping - ping a machine using an IPX packet.


ipxping [  Source Network ] [  Router/destination machine ] [  Destination Network ] [  Destination Machine ]


Use ipxping to ping a machine on a Novell Network from a Sun machine. It uses a Novell IPX packet to prompt a response from a connected machine on the Novell Network. It uses the NIT (device /dev/nit) interface to write and read packets directly to and from ethernet, avoiding the use of OSI-RM protocol stack.


 Source Network
The address of the source network.
 Router/Destination Machine
The address of the destination machine or intermediary router
 Destination Network
The address of the destination network.
 Destination Machine
The address of the destination machine.


The ipxping software is used in the following manner:

  ipxping 00:00:0e:e4 00:00:c0:01:06:84 00:00:0e:e4 00:00:c0:01:06:84

Calling ipxping with no (or an incorrect number of) parameters will display a list of parameters and their function, ie:

ipxping <host network> <router/dest machine> <dest network> <dest machine>

Calling the ipxping correctly it will display :-

1. Response time of ping ie 2ms.

2. Node configuration data ie 00 02 03 09.

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