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Version: 313220 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


jmp - a Java Memory Profiler.


java -Xrunjmp:[OPTION1,OPTION2,...] MainClass


jmp is a Java memory profiler which is dynamically loaded by executing the java program with the -Xrunjmp option. Currently the kaffe virtual machine and the non-free JDK/JREs are supporting the profiling extensions.


print available options
run jmp without an user interface
specifies a directory for writing the data and heap files
specifies to dump the data at a fixed intervall
adds an initial filter for name. It is possible to give several filter to include more than one package. If you want several filters you have to write them as multiple options. Use + for and inclusive filter, use - for an exclude filter. + is the default and may be left out.

The available filtertypes are class, package, recursive and all. The name is either the class name (for filtertype class), a package name (for filtertype package and recursive) or any free text (for the filtertype all). Filters apply in the ordering given on the command line.

Example: filter=package1,filter=some.package,filter=-package:some.package.sub

use thread time instead of absolute time
turn object profiling off
turn method profiling off
turn monitor profiling off
group object allocations into filtered methods


Examples of how jmp can be run for different profiling tasks.

java -Xrunjmp:noobjects,nomethods,nomonitors my.MainClass

This will start jmp with a minimum of tracing. This is very useful if you have an initialization that takes much time. Once your application has reached a suitable state for profiling you enable the profiling you need.

java -Xrunjmp:noobjects,nomonitors,filter=my my.MainClass

This will start jmp with only method tracing on. An initial filter for classes in my and sub packages is also set.

java -Xrunjmp:nomethods,nomonitors,filter=my my.MainClass

This will start jmp with only object tracing on. Filter as above.

java -Xrunjmp:nomonitors,filter=my my.MainClass

This will start jmp with object and method tracing. Filter as above.


the website for further information <>


This manpage is based on the jmp user guide and written by Wolfgang Baer <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).
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