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Version: 2007-08-29 (fedora - 04/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


mimeexplode - explode one or more MIME messages


     mimeexplode <mime-msg-file> <mime-msg-file> ...
     someprocess | mimeexplode -


Takes one or more files from the command line that contain MIME messages, and explodes their contents out into subdirectories of the current working directory. The subdirectories are just called "msg0", "msg1", "msg2", etc. Existing directories are skipped over.

The message information is output to the stdout, like this:

     Message: msg3 (inputfile1.msg)
         Part: msg3/filename-1.dat (text/plain)
         Part: msg3/filename-2.dat (text/plain)
     Message: msg5 (input-file2.msg)
         Part: msg5/dir.gif (image/gif)
         Part: msg5/face.jpg (image/jpeg)
     Message: msg6 (infile3)
         Part: msg6/filename-1.dat (text/plain)

This was written as an example of the MIME:: modules in the MIME-parser package I wrote. It may prove useful as a quick-and-dirty way of splitting a MIME message if you need to decode something, and you don't have a MIME mail reader on hand.


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