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Version: $Date: 2009-08-11 13:49:19 $ (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


mincpik - generate images from minc files


mincpik [options] <infile>.mnc [<image.type>]


mincpik generates image files from MINC volumes using the Imagemagick convert utility. For a complete list of output file types see the convert man pages.

Currently if there is a time dimension in the file the image will only produced from the first time point

General options

print out extra information
overwrite the output file if it exists already
usually used in combination with -verbose to echo commands only
slice number to get (note this is in voxel co-ordinates)
scaling factor for resulting image, by default images are output at twice their original resolution
autoscale the resulting image to have a fixed image width (in pixels)
bit-depth for resulting image 8 or 16 (MSB machines only)
add a title to the resulting image, if just this option is specified the text used for the title is the name of the input image file. -title_text specify the title text to use. This option must be used in conjunction with -title

Image range and lookup table options

-range min max
valid range of values to use from MINC file
-image_range min max
range of image values to use for pixel intensity
automatically determine image range using a 5 and 95% PcT. (histogram)
-lookup arguments
arguments to pass to minclookup

Slicing options

get a transverse slice
synonym for transverse
get a coronal slice
get a sagital slice
this option is deprecated, use -triplanar instead

Triplanar options

create a triplanar view of the input MINC file
pixel size for each image in a triplanar
offset the saggital slice from the centre in the triplanar
create a vertical triplanar series of images (this is the default)
create a horizontal triplanar instead of a vertical one

Generic options for all commands:

Print summary of command-line options and abort.


Andrew Janke - <>


minclookup(1), convert(1), display(1).
Emily Jung Schwartzkopf
-- Zalmanski, Alain