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Version: February 2003 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


mkhugenanoweb.php - merge config and modules into nanoweb.php


mkhugenanoweb.php [ -a ]

mkhugenanoweb.php [ -c nanoweb.conf ] [ -n nanoweb.php ] [ -o .../large-nanoweb.php ]


This tool can be used to merge the Nanoweb HTTP Server »binary« nanoweb.php with all its modules and the pre-parsed configuration data into one single php script which starts up a bit more faster and is thus better suited for inetd mode operation.

Due to the seperate (file by file) parsing of all the loaded nanoweb extension modules, starting of nanoweb can be quite time consuming on low-end machines (the config file precessing is believed to be fast). Merging it alltogether into one file however makes configuration much more complicated, and it is therefor recommended to rebuild your large-nanoweb.php every time you made changes to the real config files.


-n nanoweb.php, --nanoweb /usr/sbin/nanoweb.php, --binary
Tells which nanoweb.php »binary« to use. This must be the original distributed script, else the merge will fail (we cannot reuse already merged files).
-c nanoweb.conf, --config /etc/nanoweb/nanoweb.conf
Says which configuration file to merge into the resulting large file.
-o large-nanoweb.php, --output /dest/outfile.php
This command line option tells where to write the resulting merged »binary« to. If ommitted everything is written to stdout (except for --auto mode).
-m modules/, --modules /usr/lib/nanoweb/modules/
Use the extension modules found in the given directory.
-a, --auto
Automagically assume common locations for nanoweb.php and nanoweb.conf as well as for the modules. The resulting file will be written to large-nanoweb.php.
-h, --help
Prints out the help screen.


http://localhost/doc/nanoweb/manual/ nanoweb.php(8) nanoweb.conf(5) inetd(8)
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