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Version: 333649 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


mmstat - Display details about the volume system (partition tables)


mmstat [-t mmtype ] [-o offset ] [ -i imgtype ] [-b dev_sector_size] [-vV] image [images]


mmstat displays the general details of a volume system, which includes partition tables and disk labels. Mainly, the type is given.


-t mmtype
Specify the media management type. Use '-t list' to list the supported types. If not given, autodetection methods are used.
-o offset
Specify the offset into the image where the volume containing the partition system starts. The relative offset of the partition system will be added to this value.
-b dev_sector_size
The size, in bytes, of the underlying device sectors. If not given, the value in the image format is used (if it exists) or 512-bytes is assumed.
-i imgtype
Identify the type of image file, such as raw or split. If not given, autodetection methods are used.
Verbose output of debugging statements to stderr
Display version
image [images]
One (or more if split) disk images whose format is given with '-i'.


Brian Carrier <carrier at sleuthkit dot org>

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