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Version: 314957 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


mp4live - record and/or transmit video and/or audio


mp4live [options]


This program is a Linux audio/video capture utility that can capture and encode audio and video in real-time. The results can be written to either an mp4 file, transmitted onto the network via either unicast or multicast, or both simultaneously! The audio is encoded with MP3 or AAC, and the video with MPEG-4 Simple Profile which is OpenDivx compatible.

The program has a Gtk based user interface which displays a preview of the encoded video and controls to adjust the settings of the functions of the program. Settings are remembered and stored in ~/.mp4live_rc.

See the program README for detailed information on hardware and software requirements, known problems, and unknowns.


-file <config-file>
Use the configuration information store in <config-file> instead of that in ~/.mp4live_rc
Act as if the "Start" button were pressed immediately upon program startup. Whatever is appropriate to do based on the configuration at startup will be done.
Act as in automatic mode, and do not display any user interface.
Just generate the sdp file based on the configuration and exit.




David Mackie <>
Bill May <>


gmp4player(1) mpeg4ip/server/mp4live/README

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