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Version: 22 February 2010 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)






mpiexec [-h or -help or --help]
# get this message
mpiexec -file filename
# (or -f) filename contains XML job description mpiexec [global args] [local args] executable [args] where global args may be
# line labels by MPI rank
# MPICH1 compatibility mode
# file mapping procs to machines
-s <spec>
# direct stdin to "all" or 1,2 or 2-4,6
# override default of trying 1st proc locally
# network interface to use locally
# run procs under totalview (must be installed)
# totalview startup only
# run procs under gdb
# merge output lines (default with gdb)
# means assign this alias to the job
# output_xml_exit_codes_filename
-recvtimeout <integer_val>
# timeout for recvs to fail (e.g. from mpd daemon)
-g<local arg name>
# global version of local arg (below) and local args may be
-n <n> or -np <n>
# number of processes to start
-wdir <dirname>
# working directory to start in
-umask <umask>
# umask for remote process
-path <dirname>
# place to look for executables
-host <hostname>
# host to start on
-soft <spec>
# modifier of -n value
-arch <arch>
# arch type to start on (not implemented)
# pass all env vars in current environment
# pass no env vars -envlist <list of env var names> # pass current values of these vars
-env <name> <value>
# pass this value of this env var mpiexec [global args] [local args] executable args : [local args] executable...
mpiexec -gdba jobid
# gdb-attach to existing jobid
mpiexec -configfile filename
# filename contains cmd line segs as lines (See User Guide for more details)

Examples: mpiexec -l -n 10 cpi 100 mpiexec -genv QPL_LICENSE 4705 -n 3 a.out

mpiexec -n 1 -host foo master : -n 4 -host mysmp slave


adjust_nprocs(nProcs, softness)

collect_args(args, localArgSets)

ctime(...) ctime(seconds) -> string

Convert a time in seconds since the Epoch to a string in local time. This is equivalent to asctime(localtime(seconds)). When the time tuple is not present, current time as returned by localtime() is used.



get_vals_for_attach(parmdb, conSock, msgToMPD)

handle_cli_stderr_input(sock, streamHandler)

handle_cli_stdout_input(sock, parmdb, streamHandler, linesPerRank)

handle_local_argset(argset, machineFileInfo, msgToMPD)

handle_man_input(sock, streamHandler)


handle_stdin_input(stdin_stream, parmdb, streamHandler, manSock)

# NOTE: stdin is supposed to be slow, low-volume.
We read it all here (as it
# appears on the fd) and send it immediately to the receivers.
If the user # redirects a "large" file (perhaps as small as 5k) into us, we will send it
# all out right away.
This can cause things to hang on the remote (recvr) side. # We do not wait to read here until the recvrs read because there may be several # recvrs and they may read at different speeds/times.


print_ready_merged_lines(minRanks, parmdb, linesPerRank)


sig_handler(signum, frame)

time(...) time() -> floating point number

Return the current time in seconds since the Epoch. Fractions of a second may be present if the system clock provides them.



__author__ = 'Ralph Butler and Rusty Lusk' __credits__ = '' __date__ = 'Mon Feb 22 16:28:11 2010' __version__ = '$Revision: 1.90 $' pwd_module_available = 1




Mon Feb 22 16:28:11 2010


Ralph Butler and Rusty Lusk


... ces particules dont l'homme de la rue lui-même devra
incorporer le nom à son vocabulaire, puisque ce sont elles qui
nous font ce que nous sommes.
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