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Langue: en

Version: 261398 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


mu-msginfo - get information about individual message files


mu-msginfo [options] msg-files


mu-msginfo reads one or more e-mail message files, and displays information about them. mu-msginfo is not dependent on messages in the message database created by mu-index but simply deals with message files.


--subject=, -s get the message subject

--from|-f get the message sender

--to|-t get the message recipient (To:)

--cc|-c get the carbon-copied recipient (Cc:)

--date|-d get the message date

--body|-b get the message body. The plain-text body is preferred, if that cannot be found, mu-msginfo looks for the html body.

--user-agent|-u get the user-agent, ie. the mail client use to write the message.

--message-id|-i get the message-id for this message

--priority|-p get the priority of this message; either 'low', 'normal' or 'high'

If no options are provided, mu-msginfo defaults to --body

If there is no result for a certain option, no error will be raised.


Please report bugs when you find them:


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