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Version: 23 september 2008 (debian - 07/07/09)

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Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


mumudvb - Multicast a DVB transponder over multiples ip addresses


mumudvb [options] -c conf_file
mumudvb [options] --config conf_file


mumudvb is a program who can redistribute stream from DVB on a network, in multicast. It's main feature is to take a whole transponder and put each channel on a different multicast IP.

Mumudvb is based on dvbstream.

Website :


The following options are provided by mumudvb :
-c, --config conf_file
Path to the config file
-s, --signal
Display signal power
-d, --debug
Don't deamonize
-h, --help
Display Help
More Verbose
More quiet


The program is documented in README and for french people in README-fr.


Upstream author: Brice DUBOST <>
Contributor: Manuel SABBAN <> (use of getopt)
Acknowledgements: Dave CHAPMAN (for writing dvbstream)

This manual page was written by Stephane Glondu <> and Brice DUBOST <>.

Date: 1994/06/13
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