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Version: January 23, 2004 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


ncc - Nemerle Compiler


ncc [options] [files]


Nemerle is a new programming language with strong polymorphic typing targeted to .NET platform.

Warning: this documentation is outdated. Please use ncc --help for an up to date list of options.


-boot, -self
Enables features allowed only when compiling compiler.
Output stack trace even when seen errors.
Do not load aliases.n.
Disable tail call optimization.
Disable self tail call optimization.
Names the output file to be generated.
-q, -no-progress-bar
Disable progress bar.
-r, -ref, -reference:FILE
Link against specified assembly.
-tdll, -target-library
Instructs compiler to build a library.
-texe, -target-exe
Instructs compiler to build an executable file.
-V, -version
Shows version, and exit.
-x, -xml
Output XML representation of AST.


Nemerle compiler was written by Michal Moskal, Pawel Olszta, and Kamil Skalski at University of Wroclaw.


You can file bug reports in our bug tracking system:


Visit for details.
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