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Version: 58080 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


pegg_el - Linux support for Casio label printers


pegg_el -w -h (-C) (-t) (-o) (-d) (-c) (-s) (-f) (-H) (-O) PEGG-FILE



* This software was designed using data made available by and is
  released with the permission of CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.

* CASIO COMPUTER Co., LTD. assumes no responsibility for the content of
  this software.

* Please do not contact CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. with any inquiries
  concerning this software.

pegg_el is a control program for the Casio EL-700/EL-5000W label printers. You can print any binary imagefile with pegg and change a lot of output- & format options of your printer when using command line switches. The imageheight is restricted to 64,128,256 and 384px whereas the width can be choosen freely between 1 and 2560px.

pegg makes use of the /proc/bus/usb filesystem. If you want to make sure that everybody can use the printer, you should check the permission of the corresponding devicefile. For this have a look at syslog messages when you plugin your printer An example: /proc/bus/usb/001/003 (controler 001, device 003)


Set the printing width (variable) Default is 512 (-w512)
Set the printing height (fixed to 64,128,256,384px) Default is 64px (-h64)
Cuts the label (without printing anything)
Test the communication and gives information about the mounted tape.
Selects an printing offset (0..255px) Default is -o0.
Set the printing density from -d0=light...-d4=dark. Default is 3
Selects cutting during printing -c0=normal cut, -c1=half cut, -c2=no cut
Printing speed -s0=normal, -s1=high
Selects the margin -f0=no feed, -f1=large margin, -f2=small margin, -f3=medium margin
Selects print head (only EL-5000W) -H0=256dot, -H1=64dot
Export to <file> instead of printing (eg. -Osave.pnm = export to save.pnm)
selects the file wich should be printed.


Check your printer
pegg_el -t
Print my_label with density 4
pegg_el -d4 my_label
Print my_label with dimensions 768x128px at high speed without cutting it
pegg_el -w768 -h128 -c2 -s1 my_label
Just cut a label
pegg_el -C


Initial Version by Daniel Amkreutz <>, pnm-export by Alex Perry


Report bugs to Daniel Amkreutz <>
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