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Version: 149784 (fedora - 04/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


pfsoutpfm - Write images or frames in OpenEXR format


pfsoutpfm (<file> [--frames <range>]) [<file>...]


Use this command to write frames in PFM format. PFM format is used for HDR Shop plug-ins and is also supported by some recent versions of NetPBM package (pamtopfm and pfmtopam commands). Source pfs frames should be piped to the Standard Input. This command can handle both color (XYZ channels) and grayscale (Y channel) images.

Details on the format of the pattern file names, which are used for saving multiple frames, can be found in the manual page of pfsoutppm.


 pfsin memorial.hdr | pfsoutpfm memorial.pfm

Converts from one HDR format to another

 pfsin memorial.hdr | pfsextractchannels Y | pfsoutpfm memorial.pfm

Stores memorial image as a grayscale PFM file.


pfsout(1) pfsoutppm(1) pfsinpfm(1)


pfsoutpfm may store floating point numbers incorrectly on big-endian machines.

Please report bugs and comments on implementation to the discussion group

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