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Version: 02/14/2010 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


pondus - personal weight manager for GTK+2


pondus [options]



show programcqs version number and exit

-h, --help

show a help message and exit

-i FILE, --input=FILE

read data from FILE instead of the standard location


Pondus is a personal weight manager that keeps track of your body weight. It aims to be simple to use, lightweight and fast. The data can be plotted to get a quick overview of the history of your weight. A simple weight planner allows to define lqtarget weightsrq and this plan can be compared with the actual measurements in a plot.

By default, the user data is stored in ~/.pondus/user_data.xml and is written to this file automatically on exit, so you doncqt have to worry about saving the data you entered.

All functionality is available via the toolbar or via keyboard/mouse shortcuts. The following shortcuts are currently used:


add new dataset

CTR-d, Delete

delete selected dataset

CTR-e, Return, Double-click

edit selected dataset


plot weight vs time


quit pondus

To improve the workflow, the add dialog is initialized with the current date and the last measured weight. Both date and weight can be incremented/decremented by one day/0.1kg(lbs) by pressing oq`+'' or ``-cq', respectively. Pressing lqEnterrq in one of the entry fields is a shortcut for clicking the lqOKrq-button.

A simple weight planner allows you to define future lqtarget weightsrq, i.e. the weight you want to have at some future date. After enabling the weight planner in the preferences, a selector at the bottom of the main window determines whether you are currently editing the weight measurements or the weight plan.

The CSV im-/export dialogs allow to im-/export weight data from/to other applications. Currently, the only supported format is 2008-03-26,81.3 (for example).


Look for known bugs and report new bugs at



Project Homepage:

Mailing List: <>


Written by Eike Nicklas <>

Copyright (C) 2007-2010 Eike Nicklas. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the MIT License.

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