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Version: November 03, 2008 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


mtst - test the consistency of source meshes  


 mtst [options] [mfile] [lfile]


The mtst program checks, in a sequential way, the consistency of a Scotch source mesh and, in case of success, outputs some statistics regarding edge weights, node and element vertex weights, and node and element vertex degrees.

Source mesh file mfile can only be a centralized mesh file. The resulting statistics are stored in file lfile. When file names are not specified, data is read from standard input and written to standard output. Standard streams can also be explicitly represented by a dash '-'.

When the proper libraries have been included at compile time, mtst can directly handle compressed meshes, both as input and output. A stream is treated as compressed whenever its name is postfixed with a compressed file extension, such as in 'brol.msh.bz2' or '-.gz'. The compression formats which can be supported are the bzip2 format ('.bz2'), the gzip format ('.gz'), and the lzma format ('.lzma', on input only).


Display some help.
Display program version and copyright.


Test the consistency of mesh brol.msh:
       $ mtst brol.msh


mord(1), grf_msh(1).

Scotch user's manual.


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