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Langue: en

Version: 146862 (fedora - 04/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


sofsip_cli - console-mode SIP VoIP/IM client


sofsip_cli [ options ] sip-contact-addr


Sofsip_cli is a small SIP VoIP/IM client based on the Sofia-SIP libraries, and the gstreamer media subsystem.


The following command-line options can be used to modify sofsip_cli behaviour:
If given, answer incoming call automatically without prompting the user. Defaults to 'FALSE'.
--contact SIPURI
The SIP contact address. E.g., "sip:*:50600" to bind to all local IP addresses with port 50600. You can also specify additional transport parameters, e.g. "sip:*:5060;transport=tcp,udp". Defaults to "sip:local-interface-ip:5060".
--media-addr ip-address
Local interface that should be used by the RTP/RTCP stack.
--media-impl {dummy,gstreamer,farsight}
Select which media implementation to use.
--proxy SIPURI
Use a SIP proxy for outgoing message. Defaults to an emptry string (no outgoing proxy used).
--stun-server hostname
The STUN server address to use for NAT traversal. If no server is specified, sofsip_cli tries to find the STUN server address from the DNS-SRV records of the SIP address domain. Defaults to an emptry string.
The public SIP address (AOR) to use. E.g. "". Defaults to "sip:local-interface-ip".
See also the ENVIRONMENT section.


To be defined.


Sofsip_cli understands the following environment variables.
AoR (URI), e.g. "". Defaults to "sip:local-interface-ip".
SIP outbound proxy (URI), e.g. "". Defaults to an emptry string (no proxy used).
SIP registrar/server (URI), e.g. "". Defaults to an emptry string (no registrar specified).
Directory where to look for TLS certificates (filesystem path). Defaults to "$HOME/.sip/auth".
Specify the STUN server address to use. If empty, the stack may perform a DNS SRV look-up for a STUN server advertized by the home domain of the user. Defaults to "".
Specify a configuration hint for audio device subsystem selection. The text should match a GStreamer plugin description for certain audio device subsystem. Whether the hint is taken into consideration or not, depends on the media implementation selected. Defaults to "ALSA" (other alternatives "OSS", "OSX", and so on).
TPORT_LOG An internal Sofia-SIP variable. If set to "1", received and sent signaling messages are printed out to stdout. This is a very useful mechanism for debugging.


See AUTHORS file in the sofsip-cli distribution package.


Based on 'nua_cli' from the sofia-sip package.


To be defined...
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