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Version: 370101 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


SPICCTRL - Sony Vaio SPIC control program


spicctrl [-a|-b NUM|-B|-c|-C|-l NUM|-L|-p|-r|-R|-s|-S]


spicctrl is utility that can use the Sony Programmable I/O Control device (SPIC), which is part of Sony Vaio's, to do a few simple things. Currently, it can only be used to control the brightness on the LCD backlight or print out the battery charge information. The amount of brightness of the LCD is given as a number ranging from 0 (most dim) to 255 (most bright).


-a, --getacstatus
Get AC adaptor status (plugged in or not).
-b, --setbrightness=NUM
Set lcd screen brightness.
-B, --getbrightness
Get lcd screen brightness.
-c, --getbat1capacity
Get the first battery full capacity.
-C, --getbat2capacity
Get the second battery full capacity.
-l, --setbluetoothpower=NUM
Set the bluetooth device power state (0=off, 1=on).
-L, --getbluetoothpower
Get the bluetooth device power state (0=off, 1=on).
-p, --powerstatus
Prints out a battery summary line.
-r, --getbat1remaining
Get the first battery remaining capacity.
-R, --getbat2remaining
Get the second battery remaining capacity.
-s, --getbat1status
Get the first battery status (present or not).
-S, --getbat2status
Get the second battery status (present or not).
-f, --setfanstatus=NUM
Set fan speed (0=off, other values progressively increase the speed of the fan - note that there are only about 6 speed levels that map to the 8 bits)
-F, --getfanstatus
Get fan speed (0 should be OFF) -T, --gettempstatus Get temperature (Degree C) - useful under APM when there is no way to get the temperature otherwise


sonypi interface device file. You must be able to write to the file to use this program.


spicctrl was written by Stelian Pop <>, and this man page was written by Joey Hess <>.
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