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Version: 2008-05-15 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


sqlt - convert SQL schema using SQL::Translator


For help:
   sqlt -h|--help

For a list of all parsers and producers:

   sqlt -l|--list

To translate a schema:

   sqlt -f|--from|--parser MySQL
        -t|--to|--producer Oracle
        file [file2 ...]
   General Options:
     -d|--debug         Print debug info
     -v|--validate      Validate the schema
     --version          Show the version of SQL::Translator
     --trace            Print parser trace info
     --show-warnings    Print warnings to STDERR
   DBI Parser Options:
     --dsn              DSN for connecting to database
                        (see also --use-same-auth below)
     --db-user          Database user
     --db-password      Database password
   xSV Parser Options:
     --fs               The field separator
     --rs               The record separator
     --no-trim          Don't trim whitespace on fields
     --no-scan          Don't scan fields for data types and sizes
   MySQL Parser Options:
     --mysql-parser-version  Target MySQL parser version for dealing with
                               /*! comments; default = 30000
   General Producer Options
     --producer-db-user   Database user for producer
     --producer-db-pass   Database password for producer
     --producer-dsn       DSN for producer
     --use-same-auth      Use these DSN, user, password for producer output
   DB Producer Options:
     --add-drop-table   Add 'DROP TABLE' statements before creates
     --quote-table-names  Quote all table names in statements
     --quote-field-names  Qjuote all field names in statements
     --no-comments      Don't include comments in SQL output
   Diagram Producer Options:
     --imap-file        Filename to put image map data
     --imap-url         URL to use for image map
   Dumper Producer Options:
     --skip             Comma-separated list of tables to skip
     --skiplike         Regex for tables to skip
     --add-truncate     Add "TRUNCATE TABLE" statements for each table
   HTML/POD Producer Options:
     --pretty           Use CGI::Pretty for the output
     --title            Title of schema
   TTSchema Producer Options:
     --template             The path to the template
     --tt-var var=value     Pass extra variables to the template
     --tt-conf option=value Pass extra config options to Template
   XML-SQLFairy Producer Options:
     --add-prefix       Use an explicit namespace prefix of 'sqlf:'
     --prefix=<p>       Use the namespace prefix given as argument.
     --no-newlines      Write the XML as a single line.
     --indent=<n>       Use <n> characters of whitespace to indent the XML.
   ClassDBI Producer Options:
     --package          Base package name for Class::DBI modules.


This script is part of the SQL Fairy project. It will try to convert any source file for which it has a grammar into any format for which it has a producer.

If using ``show-warnings,'' be sure to redirect STDERR to a separate file. In bash, you could do this:

     $ -f MySQL -t PostgreSQL --show-warnings \
        file.sql 1>out 2>err

You can specify a parser or producer located in any module that Perl knows about, allowing you to easily substitute your own.


Ken Youens-Clark <>, darren chamberlain <>.


SQL::Translator, <>.
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