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Version: 263047 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


tc2rtf - convert troffcvt output to Rich Text Format


tc2rtf [ options ] file ... ]


tc2rtf is a postprocessor for troffcvt and converts troffcvt output to to Rich Text Format (RTF). It's usually invoked by running the troffcvt front end troff2rtf .

tc2rtf understands the following options:

Enable debugging output.
Cause tc2rtf to echo token information to stderr as tokens are read from troffcvt.
-T title
Specify a title for the document. This can be used for documents that do not contain any recognizable title. If the document does contain a title, it is overridden.


troffcvt(1), troff2rtf(1)


Paul DuBois, .


tc2rtf uses a set of special macros that tell troffcvt how to generate tc2rtf-specific output that indicates RTF structural elements. These macros do not work in compatibility mode.
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