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Version: 43480 (openSuse - 09/10/07)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


texi2roff, texi2index - convert Texinfo documents for formatting by troff.


texi2roff [ -me -mm -ms ] [ -iIt ] [ file ... ]
texi2index [ file ... ]


Texi2roff translates the named files from the Texinfo macro language for TeX to the language accepted by troff(1). Files are read and processed in order. If no file is given or if the file is - texi2roff reads the standard input.

Texi2index generates indices for documents translated by texi2roff.


-me -mm -ms
format the output for use with the troff macro package named.
translate Texinfo index commands into troff index commands. troff will then emit index entries onto the standard error output. You may capture this output and use texi2index(1) and troff to prepare indices from it.
include Texinfo ``Info file'' menu and node contents and @ifinfo text in the output. This material does not appear in a Texinfo document formatted by TeX, but may contain interesting information or be useful when searching a machine-readable document.
(transparent) print text affected by otherwise discarded commands, for people who are afraid of missing something. For best results use -It.


Translate doc.texinfo using the Bourne shell sh(1). Format with troff and -ms, placing the formatted output in doc, index entries in index, and the formatted index in doc.index.

$ texi2roff -i -ms doc.texinfo | troff -ms > doc 2> index

$ texi2index index | troff -ms >doc.index

As above, but use the C shell csh(1), nroff with -me, and transparent mode:

% (texi2roff -iIt -me doc.texinfo | nroff -me > doc ) >& index

% texi2index index | nroff -me >doc.index


Errors are reported giving file name and line number.


Beverly Erlebacher (


\f(CW is used to change to constant-width (typewriter-like) font. If this is not the standard at your site, run your texi2roff output through sed(1) or edit texi2roff's translation tables.

There are a number of differences in formatting details compared to Texinfo. Indentation is occasionally imperfect.

@def commands do not generate index entries.

Although Texinfo provides for a @contents and @summarycontents Table of Contents, if both are specified only the first one will appear if -ms is used. To prevent loss of detail, texi2roff generates the same Table of Contents for both commands.

The -mm macro package regards keeps as a type of display. This can cause troff to abort in the case of a keep nested in a display or vice versa. Either use a different macro package or remove a pair of Texinfo commands to eliminate nesting. Usually the @group...@end group is the best to remove.

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