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Langue: en

Version: 330549 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


thinkfan - A simple fan control program


thinkfan [-hnqzD [-b BIAS] [-c CONFIG] [-s SECONDS] [-p [DELAY]]]


Thinkfan supports most hardware trough the generic sysfs hwmon interface in /sys/class/hwmon. By default, it tries to use the Thinkpad-specific thinkpad_acpi interface in /proc/acpi/ibm.
WARNING: This program does only very basic sanity checking on the
configuration. That means that you can set your temperature limits as insane as you like.

It uses only the highest temperature found in the system. That may be dangerous, e.g. for hard disks. That's why you should provide a correction value (i.e. add 10-15 °C) for the sensor that has the temperature of your hard disk (or battery...). See the example config files for details about that.


Two example configurations are provided with the source package. For detailed explanations please read the README file. If you installed thinkfan from a distribution package, you may find them under /usr/share/doc or wherever your package manager puts documentation.


Show a short help message
Maximum seconds between temperature updates (default: 5)
Floating point number (0 ~ 20) to control rising edge temperature biasing strength (see README). Default 5.0
Load different configuration file (default: /etc/thinkfan.conf)
Do not become a daemon and log to terminal as well as syslog
Be quiet (no status info on terminal)
Assume we don't have to worry about resuming from standby when using the sysfs interface (see README!)
Use the pulsing-fan workaround (for older Thinkpads). Takes an optional floating-point argument (0-10s) as depulsing duration. Default 0.5s.
DANGEROUS mode: Disable all sanity checks. May damage your hardware!!


If you have any problems with thinkfan, please go to the help forum at
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