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Version: 2010-04-28 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


ts - timestamp input


ts [-r] [format]


ts adds a timestamp to the beginning of each line of input.

The optional format parameter controls how the timestamp is formatted, as used by strftime(3). The default format is ``%b %d %H:%M:%S''. In addition to the regular strftime conversion specifications, ``%.S'' is expanded to fractional seconds (ie, ``30.00001'').

If the -r switch is passed, it instead converts existing timestamps in the input to relative times, such as ``15m5s ago''. Many common timestamp formats are supported. Note that the Time::Duration and Date::Parse perl modules are required for this mode to work. Currently,A converting localized dates is not supported.

If both -r and a format is passed, the existing timestamps are converted to the specified format.


The standard TZ environment variable controls what time zone dates are assumed to be in, if a timezone is not specified as part of the date.


Copyright 2006 by Joey Hess <>

Licensed under the GNU GPL.

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