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Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


tsocks - Shell wrapper to simplify the use of the tsocks(8) library to transparently allow an application to use a SOCKS proxy


tsocks [application [application's arguments]]
or tsocks [on|off]
or tsocks


tsocks is a wrapper between the tsocks library and the application what you would like to run socksified.


[application [application's arguments]]
run the application as specified with the environment (LD_PRELOAD) set such that tsocks(8) will transparently proxy SOCKS connections in that program
this option adds or removes tsocks(8) from the LD_PRELOAD environment variable. When tsocks(8) is in this variable all executed applications are automatically socksified. If you want to use this function, you HAVE to source the shell script from yours, like this: "source /usr/bin/tsocks" or ". /usr/bin/tsocks"
". tsocks on" -- add the tsocks lib to LD_PRELOAD
". tsocks off" -- remove the tsocks lib from LD_PRELOAD
show the current value of the LD_PRELOAD variable
<without any argument>
create a new shell with LD_PRELOAD including tsocks(8).



This script was created by Tamas SZERB <> for the debian package of tsocks. It (along with this manual page) have since been adapted into the main tsocks project and modified.
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