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Version: 113989 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


vertex - Parses and processes Verilog HDL files


vertex [VERILOGFILE]... [option]...


Parses Verilog HDL files for use by other tools. The Verilog grammar used is 1364-1995.


Prints out help screen.
-emitmono fname
Emit monolithic (parser view of) file to fname.
Emit source code stems to stdout.
Emit source code variables to stdout.
Equivalent to `define X Y in source.
Equivalent to `define X Y in source.
Add dirname to include search path.
Add ext to filename when searching for files.
-pragma name
Add name (synopsys, verilint, vertex) to accepted pragmas.
-y dirname
Add directory dirname to source input path.
-yi dirname
Add directory dirname to source input path (case insensitive search).


The following indicates that the library extension is .v and that the include directory is the current working directory and that the library directory is also the current working directory. Stems generation is enabled to generate a stems file for use with other tools. Various compile-time defines are also defined on the command line.

vertex XYZ450AC6V1.v -emitstems -y . +incdir+. +libext+.v -DUTLB_OutputData=0 -D__PORTALS_VERILOG__


Anthony Bybell <>


rtlbrowse(1) gtkwave(1)

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