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Version: 372649 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


vmpsd - Open Source Cisco VMPS Server


vpmsd [-d] [-a address] [-f file] [-l level] [-p port]


vmpsd is a GPL implementation of Cisco's VMPS server. It allows for dynamic VLAN creation based upon MAC address, and is particularly helpful in smaller environments where a Cisco VMPS server is not available or feasible.

Since Cisco has not released documentation for this protocol, vmpsd was based entirely on watching traffic between Cisco VMPS servers and clients. As such, it is not warranted to be complete or bug-free. Despite this issue, vmpsd is suitable for use in production environments, as it has proven to be stable on large networks for long periods of time.


-a bind address
IP address to bind vmpsd to. Requests from clients must come in on this address.
Causes vmpsd to stay in the foreground instead of detaching as a daemon. Also logs to stderr.
-f config file
Specify the configuration file that vmpsd will use. The program will fail without this option, as currently there is no default set.
-l log level
Set the log level vmpsd will use. Options are:
0x0100 -- fatal errors only
0x0200 -- informational messages
0x0400 -- print warnings
0x0800 -- print debug messages; very verbose
0x0001 -- system
0x0002 -- parser
0x0004 -- vqp
-p listener port
Port vmpsd will listen on. Defaults to 1589.






Program: Dori Seliskar dori_seliskar gmail
         David Parsley parsley
Manpage: Alex Kirk alex


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