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Version: 28/02/03 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


webfilter_types - create and maintain type databases for webfilter


webfilter_types database { -d | -a type | -r type | -f typefile | -l }


debug mode: be verbose about what you are doing.
Add type type to the database.
Together with the add operation (the -a flag), also add a comment about the type, e.g. why this type is in the database. This flag does not have any effect with other operation flags.
Remove type type from the database.
add all types listed in the file typefile to the database. The file is supposed to contain one type name on each line.
list the contents of the type database.


Webfilter_types creates and maintains a type database named database. The additional command line switches -a,-r,-fand-l perform actions on the database specified with the first argument. Note that several commands can be given on the command line. For the add command (the -aswitch), the comment option must always precede the add option.


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