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Version: 261885 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


wmGrabImage - Dockable WWW Image monitor.


wmGrabImage [options]... -url <Image URL>


wmGrabImage is a WindowMaker DockApp that maintains a small thumbnail copy of your favorite image from the WWW. The image to monitor is specified via the "-url <Image URL>" command-line option and it gets updated approximately every 5 minutes. The update interval can be overridden via the "-delay <Time>" command-line option (Time is in seconds).

Each of the three mouse buttons can be double clicked with the following effects;

Left Mouse:
Brings up the full-sized image in the image viewer specifed via the option -viewer.
Middle Mouse:
Sends a URL (specified via the -http <URL> command-line option) to a browser specified via the -browser <Program> command-line option.
Right Mouse:
Updates the image immediately.


Display list of command-line options.
-display <display>
Use an alternate X Display.
-u, -url <Image URL>
The URL of the WWW image to monitor.
-http <URL>
The URL to send to the browser (specified via the -browser command-line option) via a Middle double click.
-browser <Program>
The system call used to access the under -http specified URL. Use %x where wmGrabImage should insert the URL from -http. The default is:

"sensible-browser '%x' || mozilla-xremote-client 'openURL(%x)' || mozilla '%x' &"
E.g. you can call galeon using the following call:
"galeon -n '%x' &"
-viewer <Program>
The system call used to display the image. Use %x where the actual image filename should be inserted. The default is:

"display '%x' &"
Center the image vertically within the icon.
-delay <Time>
The time between updates. The default is about 5 minutes.
-geom <CropGeometry>
The geometry to pass to convert when scaling the image.


The original sized image and the thumbnail XPM image are both stored in ~/.wmGrabImage/ which gets created if it doesnt already exist.


wget and the ImageMagick convert utility.


Who knows? -- its still Beta though. (Let me know if you find any). Oldish versions of the ImageMagick convert utility have a memory leak -- if you have that problem, upgrade to the latest version.


Michael G. Henderson <>
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