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Version: 312516 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


wmiir - window manager improved 2 remote


wmiir [-s socketfile] action action_arg [...]
wmiir [-s socketfile] -f
wmiir -v



wmiir is a client to access wmii* fileservers for the command line and scripts. It can be used to configure wmii(1).


-s socketfile
lets you specify the socketfile to which wmiir a connection will be established. If the environment variable WMIIR_SOCKET is set and points to a socket file, wmiir will use that file, if this option is not supplied.
reads from stdin, useful for interactive wmiir sessions or for scripts that write/read a bunch of data, because this speeds things up due to missing process creation/destruction, ie., a hack.
prints version information to stderr, then exits.
The syntax of the actions is as follows:
create <path/file> [<value>]
creates file
write <file> <value>
writes value to a file
read <path/file>
reads file or directory contents
remove <path/file>
removes file or directory tree


See above.


$ wmiir read /
This gives you an idea about what the wmii filesystem currently looks like.
$ wmiir write /wm/ctl quit


wmii(1), wmiibar(1), wmiifs(1), wmiikeys(1), wmiimenu(1), wmiiwm(1)
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