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Version: 261787 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


WMTZ - Window Make Time Zone dockapp


wmtz [-display <Display>] [-e <Editor>] [-geometry <+XPOS+YPOS>] [-jd] [-c <Filename>] [-h] [-v]


wmtz displays the time in different time zones and can also show Julian day numbers, sidereal time, internet time (swatch beats) and local time, date and weekday. wmtz can also convert between JD and Gregorian dates via a command line interface. It is configured via a text configuration file, usually ~/.wmtzrc. If wmtz is clicked on with the mouse it shows a menu where the configuration can be changed and updated. wmtz can also be shut down with this menu by clicking on QUIT.


-display <Display>
Use an alternate X Display.
-e <Editor>
Set preferred text editor to use when CONFIG on the menu is choosen. (E.g. xemacs or xjed)
-geometry <+XPOS+YPOS>
Set position on X display.
Invoke JD conversion utility.
-c <Filename>
Use specified file as configuration file.
Start monochrome version of wmtz. Use this when there isn't enough color cells.
Display list of command line options.
Print version number.


wmtz is configured with a configuration file, usually ~/.wmtzrc. In this file several values must be given in order for wmtz to function properly. It is recommended to use the configuration file that follows with the distribution and modify it according to your needs. wmtz has five "timeslots" that can show different times.
What must be present in the file is the "time*=<string>" token for every timeslot (1 to 5), followed by the "utdiff*=<integer>" for every timeslot (1 to 5) even if it is to be ignored. "longitude=<longitude in decimal degrees>" must also be given in the config file.
The options available for "time*=" are the following:
Three (or less) letter designation of timezone. utdiff for this timeslot is subtracted from UT to give time in that timezone.
Gives time in timezone described by TZ environment variable string in utdiff. See man page for tzset for a description of the TZ string.
Gives Julian Day Number. The value for utdiff for the timeslot is subtracted from the current JD, which enables you to show JD from another epoch.
Gives a blank (empty) timeslot. utdiff for this timeslot is ignored.
Gives swatch beats. utdiff for this timeslot is ignored.
Gives local date. utdiff for this timeslot is ignored.
Gives local weekday. utdiff for this timeslot is ignored.
Gives local time, automatically corrected for summer/winter time. utdiff for this timeslot is ignored.


Can be used to specify which editor to use when clicking on "Config" in the wmtz menu. See also the "-e <Editor>" option above.
Must be set for wmtz to find the users config file.

The config file is searched for in the following order:
1) User specified config file, if any.
2) $HOME/.wmtzrc
3) /etc/wmtzrc


 ~/.wmtzrc     Users personal configuration file
 /etc/wmtzrc   Systems configuration file (usually just a fallback)


Doesn't handle errors in the configuration file very well. Be careful when editing .wmtzrc.


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