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Version: 253566 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


xml-to-sexp - convert XML to symbolic expressions




xml-to-sexp reads from stdin and output to stdout.


This program uses the expat parser library by James Clark, which comes dual-licenced under the MPL/GPL. This wrapper for expat parses standard input and outputs a simple, lisp-readable representation of the file, with the following features:

- Translates UTF-8 to ISO Latin-1, so that the resulting output can be
  used as-is with normal 8bit Unix lisps.  Stuff outside of ISO
  Latin-1 is silently elided (can easily be changed to dump core
  instead ;).

- PCDATA is mapped to CL strings, where as many PCDATA segments as
  possible are merged into one string.

- Elements are mapped to lists, with the first item being the start
  tag, which is mapped to a nested list, i.e.

  <element attr="value">...</element>
  is mapped to
  (("element" "attr" "value") ...)

- Processing Instructions (PIs) are mapped to a single cons, i.e.
  <?foo ...?> is mapped to ("foo" . "...")


This man page was writting by Kevin Rosenberg <> since the upstream program did not include a man page.
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