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Version: 114221 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


xml-xparse - Parse XML documents with entity and URI resolution


xml-xparse [options] xmlfile


xml-xparse is a simple command line tool for parsing and validating XML documents. It is not an actual XML parser, it just wraps around a JAXP Parser, adding support for catalog-based entity and URI resolution.


-c catalogfile
Load a particular catalog file. May be specified multiple times.
Perform a validating parse. This is the default.
Perform a well-formed parse, not a validating parse.
Perform a namespace-aware parse. This is the default.
Perform a namespace-ignorant parse.
-d debuglevel
Set the debug level (an integer). Warnings are shown if the debug level is set to greater than 2.
-E maxerrors
Set the maximum number of errors to display. The default is 10.


The central catalog manager configuration file used by xml-xparse.


xml-xread(1), xml-resolver(1), java(1), the OASIS entity resolution technical committee home page at <>.


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