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Version: 21 Nov 2000 (openSuse - 09/10/07)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


xrfbviewer - a VNC viewer


xrfbviewer [OPTIONS] [[host]:display]
xrfbviewer [OPTIONS] -listen display
xrfbviewer [OPTIONS] -stdio
xrfbviewer { -about | -help }


This is a full-featured VNC viewer that supports macro recording and session capturing.

The first form is for normal VNC viewing. If no host is specified, a dialog box prompts for one. (It is this dialog box that allows macro recording and session capturing to be specified.)

The second form, with -listen, is for listen mode; a VNC server can make a connection to the viewer in listen mode.

The third form, with -stdio, causes xrfbviewer to use stdin and stdout for RFB communications (for use in inetd-type situations).

The fourth form is for getting information about xrfbviewer.


Allow the session to be shared.
Don't send keystrokes or mouse movements.
Use BGR233 pixel format.
Use the server's pixel format.
-scale fact/div
Scale by the specified factor and divisor.


x0rfbserver(1), xplayfbs(1)


Jens Wagner <>
Man page by Tim Waugh <>
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