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Version: Release tp4utils_1_2_beta2 (mandriva - 01/05/08)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


xtp4 - a GUI to the tp4d trackpoint driver


xtp4 [ - standard Xt options ] [ -v ]


xtp4 is a GUI client that can be used under X to communicate with the tp4d(1) driver for IBM trackpoint devices. xtp4 displays the current settings of various trackpoint parameters and provides GUI elements for modifying them.

Changes may then be either committed, i.e. physically written to the device by pressing the `Apply' button or discarded with the `Restore' button. The state of all settings are saved at program startup and may be recalled by pressing the `Restore Initial Values' button (note that this only sets up the GUI to reflect the initial settings; they still must be written by `Apply'ing them).

Pressing another button, `Settings to PRIMARY Selection', will cause xtp4 to aquire the ownership of the PRIMARY selection on the X-Server. When other applications request this selection (e.g. by the traditional `middle mouse click'), xtp4 will send the current settings in a format that is accepted by tp4d(1) as command line options. Thus, the settings may easily be pasted to an editor when writing a startup script for tp4d(1).


Because, during experiments, the trackpoint may result unusable, there are keyboard accelerators mapped to all buttons. Simply press the first character (in lower case) of the label of the button you wish to trigger (except for the `Restore Initial Values' button which is mapped to `i'). Most probably, typing `i', `a' will render the trackpoint useful again. (Of course, the accelerator mappings are user-configurable X-resources.)

Test Area

At the upper right corner there is a test area visualizing button press and release events. I recommend you to use this feature when experimenting with new settings.


All of the standard X / Xt-toolkit options are recognized.
-v print version info and exit


/tmp/tp4pipe request pipe (clients use flock(2))
/tmp/tp4epip reply pipe


The source code
tp4d(1) the user mode trackpoint driver
xtp4(1) the client for tp4d under X
`X Toolkit Intrinsics Programming Manual (Vol. 4), O'Reilly'
about an extensive explanation of the Xt-toolkit and its excellent configurability by resources.


(none :-)


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