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Version: 06/16/2009 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


yaz-asncomp - YAZ ASN.1 compiler


yaz-asncomp [-v] [-c cfile] [-h hfile] [-p pfile] [-d config] [-I includeout] [-i includedir] [-m module] [filename]



is an ASN.1 compiler that reads an ASN.1 specification in filename and produces C/C++ definitions and BER encoders/decoders for it.

The produced C/C++ code and header files uses the ODR module of YAZ which is a library that encodes/decodes/prints BER packages. yaz-asncomp allows you to specify name of resulting source via options. Alternatively, you can specify a DEFINISIONS file, which provides customized output to many output files - if the ASN.1 specification file consists of many modules.

This utility is written in Tcl. Any version of Tcl should work.



Makes the ASN.1 compiler print more verbose about the various stages of operations.

-c cfile

Specifies the name of the C/C++ file with encoders/decoders.

-h hfile

Specifies the name of header file with definitions.

-p pfile

Specifies the name of the a private header file with definitions. By default all definitions are put in header file (option -h).

-d dfile

Specifies the name of a definitions file.

-I iout

Specifies first part of directory in which header files are written.

-i idir

Specifies second part of directory in which header files are written.

-m module

Specifies that ASN.1 compiler should only process the module given. If this option is not specified, all modules in the ASN.1 file are processed.


The definitions file is really a Tcl script but follows traditional rules for Shell like configuration files. That is # denotes the beginning of a comment. Definitions are line oriented. The definitions files usually consists of a series of variable assignments of the form:

set name value

Available variables are:


Sets prefix for names in the produced output. The value consists of three tokens: C function prefix, C typedef prefix and preprocessor prefix respectively.


This value sets prefix values for module module. The value has same form as default-prefix.


Specifies filename for C/header file for module module.


Code fragment to be put in first part of public header for module module.


Code fragment to be put in last part of public header for module module (trailer).


Code fragment to be put in first part of C based encoder/decoder for module module.


Code fragment to be put in last part of C based encoder/decoder for module module (trailer).


Maps ASN.1 type in module module of name to value.


Maps member member in SEQUENCE/CHOICE of name in module module to value. The value consists of one or two tokens. First token is name of C preprocessor part. Second token is resulting C member name. If second token is omitted the value (one token) is both preprocessor part and C struct,union.


Maps member member in CHOICE of name in module module to value. Value consists of to or three tokens. The first token is name of the integer in the union that is used as selector for the union itself. The second token is name of the union. The third token overrides the name of the CHOICE member; if omitted the member name is used.






Section "The ODR Module" in the YAZ manual.

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