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Version: xf86-input-calcomp 1.1.0 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 4 (Pilotes et protocoles réseau)


calcomp - Calcomp input driver


 Section "InputDevice"
   Identifier "idevname"
   Driver "calcomp"
   Option "Device"   "devpath"


calcomp is an Xorg input driver for Calcomp devices.

The calcomp driver functions as a pointer input device, and may be used as the X server's core pointer.


This driver supports the Calcomp binary format used by the Drawing Board II and III series.


Please refer to xorg.conf(5x) for general configuration details and for options that can be used with all input drivers. This section only covers configuration details specific to this driver.

Both the 3 button stylus and the 4- or 16 button lens cursors can be used without changing the configuration file. Support for pressure sensitivity has not been tested, so the solid-tip stylus will probably not work.

This device supports the following entries:

Option Device path
sets the path to the special file which represents the serial line where the tablet is plugged. This option is mandatory.
Option Cursor Stylus|Puck
this option is supported for backward compatibility only, but it should not be necessary.
Option DeviceName name
sets the name of the X device. Some user-space programs may require a fixed name, e.g. TABLET, to recognize the digitizer.
Option Mode Relative|Absolute
sets the mode of the device. Currently only Absolute mode is supported.
Option Pressure on
enables pressure reporting if your tablet supports it. This option is untested and may not work.
Option AlwaysCore on
enables the sharing of the core pointer. When this feature is enabled, the device will take control of the core pointer (and thus will emit core events) and at the same time will be able, when asked so, to report extended events.
Option MinX number
X coordinate of the bottom left corner of the active zone.
Option MinY number
Y coordinate of the bottom left corner of the active zone.
Option MaxX Inumber
X coordinate of the top right corner of the active zone.
Option MaxY number
Y coordinate of the top right corner of the active zone.
Option DebugLevel number
sets the level of debugging info reported.


Xorg(1x), xorg.conf(5x), xorgconfig(1x), Xserver(1x), X(7).


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